Chroma in Evening Light

If you’ve ever tried to capture the intensity of a vibrant color in your painting and either couldn’t seem to make it vibrant enough, or ended up with a very garish painting, the problem usually lies with the colors surrounding that vibrant area. This lesson will focus on CHROMA (meaning color saturation, or how vibrant or dull a color appears) and understanding color relationships. Evening light, when the sun is setting and casting strong, intense light on a subject, serves as a great subject to understand chroma, and is the subject used for this lesson.



In this lesson, I’ll demonstrate in pastel how you can create color that appears either vibrant or dull by how it’s juxtaposed with other colors. I’ll take you through each step of this pastel painting to show you how I first set up the value structure and then how I determine color choices for the appropriate chroma.

This lesson is provided as a downloadable PDF with a lesson written by Barbara Jaenicke.


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