Written Tutorials

Learn specific landscape painting skills with a selection of written tutorials on focused topics. Each lesson is only $5.00 and includes numerous step-by-step progression images of a painting demonstration, with detailed explanations of each step.

While the video-based courses allow you to see how Barbara lays down the marks on the painting, this collection of written instruction provides more clearly detailed information behind each stage of a painting, which isn’t always verbalized completely during filmed demonstrations. This gives you the opportunity to understand more of the what, why, and how behind each step.

NEW: Previously offered with personal critiques, these written tutorials are now offered by themselves at a very affordable price of $5 each!


Each written tutorial contains a thorough explanation of the focused concept being taught, and includes numerous progression images of a step-by-step painting demonstration that you can follow at your own easel. Many lessons also include additional images that can help augment your understanding.

Get step-by-step instructions and photos of how to paint a scene.

At $5 per written tutorial, you can try one or many and choose the skills and topics you most want to improve.


Instant PDF Download

Written Tutorials are provided in a PDF format for instant download

Oil and Pastel

Each Written Tutorial is demonstrated in either oil or pastel

Choose Your Focus

Choose the skills and topics you feel you most want to improve

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Important note for individuals who purchased a $45.00 lesson with critique:

If you have not yet submitted your work for a critique, you can do so by accessing the lesson page on the Member Dashboard