Color Mixing and Color Palette Selection


SPECIAL DUAL LESSON: I’ve been asked many times to create a lesson on color mixing for oil, and also on how to select specific colors for pastel. There are challenges with teaching this topic in an online format, since showing specific colors on your computer screen has limitations. However, this lesson will focus on explaining the goals and thought process for each color mixture and color selection. You’ll still be shown images of oil mixtures and specific pastel colors—as best as your computer screen will allow—but the explanations behind how I arrive at those mixtures/choices will be the real take-away from this lesson.

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About This Lesson

This is a dual lesson for both oil and pastel. Since the process of arriving at particular color choices does indeed differ between oil and pastel, just for this one lesson, I’ve included demos and detailed explanations for each medium. So this lesson is quite packed!

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