Learn the Skills of Poetic Landscape Painting

with Barbara Jaenicke

Video-based course that presents four full painting demonstrations that each focus on a component of skills for painting the landscape. Available for oil or pastel.

Video-based course that presents two full painting demonstrations that each feature a distinct lighting scenario for painting snow scenes. Available for oil or pastel.

Detailed written tutorials on focused topics that include step-by-step progression images. Demonstrated in either oil or pastel. Affordably priced at $5 per lesson.

In this video-based course, Barbara teaches the basics, and beyond, of landscape painting.

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Are you ready to progress from simply replicating a landscape to creating a lyrical interpretation? Painting the Poetic Landscape was designed for artists of all levels to understand not only the fundamentals, but also how to look beyond just the subject matter so you can create a poetic visual statement about it.

The course is divided into 4 segments: Composition, Color Harmony, Color Temperature, and Edges & Editing. Available for oil or pastel. Purchase as a DVD or unlimited streaming access.

Drag the slider right or left to see the Oil and Pastel images

In this video-based course, Barbara shares her approach for painting the snow-covered landscape in two separate lighting scenarios.

Would you like to learn how to paint a snow-covered landscape that glows? Painting the Poetic Snow Scene presents Barbara’s methods for creating striking effects with snow, and her explanations of how the artist must interpret such imagery from a reference photo. Available for oil or pastel. Purchase as a DVD or unlimited streaming access.

Learn a variety of specific landscape painting skills with Barbara’s Written Tutorials (formerly called Online Lessons). Affordably priced at $5.00, each lesson focuses on a particular skill or topic, and includes numerous step-by-step images of a painting demonstration, with detailed explanations for each step.

Each lesson is demonstrated in either oil or pastel and is provided in a PDF format for instant download.


Barbara Jaenicke


Barbara Courtney Jaenicke (pronounced JAN-i-kee) loved to draw and paint as a teenager and decided at an early age to pursue an art career in one form or another. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1986 from The College of New Jersey, taking as many fine art courses as she could, while also taking painting classes outside of her college studies. But with the desire to have a steady income right after college, she geared her education toward the commercial side and spent a little over a decade of her early career in advertising as an art director, then later shifted gears to a corporate role in marketing communications. In 2002, she was able to turn her focus to a career in fine art, pursuing it full steam ahead, and continues to do so with stubborn determination.

After living in the Atlanta, Georgia area for 23 years, Barbara and her husband and son relocated in May of 2015 to Bend, Oregon. Primarily a landscape painter, she’s excited to now explore and paint the scenery of the northwest part of the country.

Barbara holds Signature Memberships in Oil Painters of America (OPA), American Impressionist Society (AIS) and the Pastel Society of America (PSA), is an International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) Eminent Pastelist, and is a popular workshop instructor throughout the US.

Visit www.barbarajaenicke.com to see her current workshop schedule.

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